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This documentary is based on two totally false scientific assertions:

- The 50 Hz alternating current power system is not polarized;

- A microwave oven cannot produce cold when its power cord is connected the other way round.

Never try to carry out the experiments presented in this documentary at home.
Never try to modify the power supply of a microwave oven or the power system.

Let’s now go on with the film sequence:

1 - If certain electric plugs can only be plugged in one way round, this is simply due to the fact that it has a male ground terminal not aligned with the other two female terminals.

In the 70s, some electric plugs had a ground terminal aligned with the other 2 connectors allowing them to be plugged in either way round.
The ground terminal is not a polarizing device used to take account of the power system’s polarity.
It is a device that protects the user in the event of an electrical conductor coming into contact with an appliance’s metal frame.


2 - Wires of different colours are used for electrical wiring simply to differentiate the phase, neutral and ground conductors.

Don’t forget that the power system is not polarized.


3 - If the voltage displayed on an oscilloscope screen goes through a maximum or a minimum, this is simply due to the way the instrument is triggered and not to the power system’s polarity.

4 - The spectral response of the light from an incandescent light bulb in no way corresponds to that shown on the oscilloscope.

It cannot be obtained with a light meter connected to a spectral analyser either.

And of course, it does not depend on which way round the electrical plug is connected.


5 - Although polarizing glass actually does exist, it does not have any effect on the spectral response of a light source. It is simply used to eliminate light reflected from shiny, transparent objects.


6 – As the orange squeezer does not have a metal frame, it does not need a ground connector. A simple two-pole electric plug is enough.


7 – The electric motor used in the orange squeezer can rotate randomly in either direction and does not depend on which way round the electric plug is connected.


8 – Since reversing the electrical wires has no effect, the power cord shown in the documentary serves NO purpose. At best, it can be used as an extension lead, but that’s all.


9 – As the power system is not polarized , the microwave oven works in the same way, whether it is connected one way round or the other.


10 – The liquid put into the microwave oven does not cool or freeze.
It’s simply a special effect produced during video editing.

11 – One refers to water’s thermal capacity (or mass heat) rather than its thermal inertia. This corresponds to the quantity of energy to be supplied to a body to raise its temperature by 1 degree Kelvin. Contrary to what is indicated in the film, the thermal capacity of water (whether distilled or otherwise) is one of the highest (10 times higher than iron for example).


12 – Fresnel fluid with a high hysteresis cycle does not exist. The liquid used is just leek soup.


13 – The instrument used to measure the power of a system is called a wattmeter and not a power meter. Furthermore, the instrument used in the film is a cos phi meter.
It is of no use for this type of measurement.
The needle’s movement has nothing to do with the power consumed by the oven or which way round it is connected.


14 – The microwave oven does not supply any power to the power system.
Lamps cannot light. Once again, it is a special effect produceed during video editing.


15 – Gigantic microwave ovens used with our rivers could never, of course, generate any power.

Never try to carry out the experiments presented in this documentary at home.
Never try to modify the power supply of a microwave oven or the power system.

Be on your guard. Don’t believe everything they tell you on the Internet !